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A View to a Kill (Video Game 1985)

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avtak_game_1985.jpg (2284985 bytes)avtak_game_1985f.jpg (1046817 bytes)

avtak_game_1985b.jpg (2560891 bytes)avtak_game_1985d.jpg (2299548 bytes)

Synopsis: Your objective is to discover what dastardly plan is being hatched by Max Zorin, an unscrupulous European electronics magnate, and prevent him from carrying it out. You learn that the information you need is in three main locations. Paris, where you must make contact with May Day to get a vital clue. The City Hall in San Francisco, where various secrets are hidden, and finally a Silver Mine under Silicon Valley, where you piece together your information and finally foil Max Zorin - we all hope!

Viewed within the era that "A View To A Kill" was released, Domark's first movie tie-in set the bar for all future Bond games - nothing could be worse. Even Dominic and Mark (of "Domark" fame) said at the time that taking on 007 had "set them in a downward spiral". Things could only get better...


Action game

Domark created an action game split into three separate sections, inspired by scenes from the film. The game starts with the famous movie intro sequence of the moving gunsight and Bond shooting towards the camera.

In the first section set in Paris, James Bond commandeers a taxi to follow May Day who has parachuted from the Eiffel Tower. Roadblocks and police cars are out to stop Bond, who can shoot his pistol at them to get them out of the way. The display is in three sections - an overhead map of Paris, a small 3D view from the car's point of view, and a scanner showing May Day's height. James must arrive at the right location to catch her as she lands.

In the second section, James must help Stacey Sutton escape from San Francisco City Hall, which is on fire. Each room is displayed from a side-on perspective. James must collect useful objects to get through the floors of the building, such as keys to open doors and buckets of water to stop the progress of the fire.

In the third and final section, James must collect the code numbers to stop the detonation of Zorin's bomb. Bond runs around the mine, avoiding rockfalls and long drops. Among the objects he can pick up are a grapnel gun (to fire ropes upward which he can climb to safety) and a plank of wood to bridge gaps. May Day is also somewhere in the mine.

A password system lets the user play the second or third levels on their own without completing the first.


The music for the Commodore 64 version was written by Antony (Tony) Crowther, and consists of two covers. One is the famous James Bond theme by Monty Norman. The second is the Duran Duran theme for the film.

Adventure game

Mindscape Inc published the text adventure game by Angelsoft Inc for DOS, Macintosh and Apple II computers.

From: Domark  fortunecity Year: 1985 Format: Amstrad CPC 

viewkillams2.gif (17443 bytes) viewkillams3.gif (9103 bytes) viewkillams4.gif (22917 bytes)
 Can you spot the Eiffel Tower? (Middle-right) Second and third stage.


I know how old games look bad to us now but this looked awful even then! The game involves three levels that can be practiced in any order or played in sequence. The first one has Bond racing (well maybe not racing, more ambling) around Paris trying to follow the parachuting Mayday. The second is set in the City Hall and Bond must escape before the place burns to the ground. The final level takes place in the collapsing mines. Did I mention the graphics? Ok so the Amstrad wasn't advanced but this looks more like an Atari 2600 game. It really makes you think just how far games have come. There is no in game music at all. 

Other versions of A View To A Kill:

Format: Spectrum 48K From: Domark Year: 1985

viewkillspec.gif (25230 bytes) viewkillspec2.gif (25291 bytes)

Comments: Same as the Amstrad version. Just when you thought the graphics couldn't get any worse... Unlike the Amstrad and Commodore versions you can't practice levels in this one. The game opens with a terrible rendition of the Bond theme but enjoy it, as it's the only music in the game. There is one sound effect in the first level and that is a sort of tick-tick noise supposed to represent the engine of the car. I thought Bond had all the best gadgets in the world? Why is he driving a clockwork car? Format: Commodore 64 From: Domark Year: 1985

 viewkillc64.gif (2457 bytes) viewkillc64b.gif (5962 bytes) viewkillc64c.gif (6221 bytes) viewkillc64d.gif (5218 bytes)

Comments: Better presentation and graphics than the other two but that really isn't saying much! The first and last levels are accompanied by a reasonable working of the Duran Duran song 'A View To A Kill' and the last has the Bond theme. The graphics are still terrible. They got the spindly, old man look of Roger Moore right but his head?! It looks like he has been sitting too close to the microwave! The second and third levels have the added value of a search and use system but this is so fiddly that it detracts from the, already bad, gameplay. 

viewkillpc2.gif (4489 bytes) viewkillpc.gif (5103 bytes)  

Format: IBM PC From: Mindscape Year: 1985

Comments: The good news is this is a totally different version to the terrible Domark games. The bad news is it's a dull old text adventure from the makers of Gold Finger. Good if you like that sort of thing.

The Game
On June the 7th, 1985 Domark published their first movie tie-in game. The game was compatible with platforms of the time, Commodore 64, Spectrum 48K, Amstrad CPC and MSX, but the quality of gameplay left much to be desired, even for the period.

avtak_game_1985.jpg (2284985 bytes)

Above: Original Spectrum 48k cassette inlay

avtak_kasett.jpg (705919 bytes)

avtak_mac.jpg (1024459 bytes)

James Bond is back! On his latest secret mission. Now you take his part in these three exciting arcade/adventure games taken straight from the film. Your name is Bond - James Bond, the world's top Secret Agent, and now embarking on one of the most important missions of your career.

Game Data
Released: June 7th 1985
Published By: Domark
Developed By: Softstone
Developed By: The Software Technicians (Amstrad)

Commodore 64
Spectrum 48K
Amstrad CPC

Programming: Tony Knight, Grant Harrison (C64), Daryl Bowers (C64), Gary Burfield-Wallis (CPC), Garry Knight (Spectrum)
Music: Anthony Crowther (C64)
Graphics: Argentino Trombin


Domark published a number of James Bond 007 licensed games during the late 1980's ("The Living Daylights" (1987), "Live And Let Die" (1988), "Licence To Kill" (1989)) and into the early 1990's with "The Spy Who Loved Me" (1990), "James Bond: The Duel" (1993)). 1985's "A View To A Kill" was the first movie tie-in game ever produced for the Bond series and also the first 007 title published by Domark, and without doubt their worst...

The game is split into three different sub-games - one of the first titles to usher in the (soon to be common) "multi genre" movie-tie in videogame. The first chapter uses a very basic 2D / 3D hybrid driving system, the second is a room-to-room scrolling walk around (much like the popular "Spy Vs Spy" games), and the third chapter is a sideways-scrolling romp around. On paper this sounds like a great way to cover three of the movie's key sequences ("Paris Chase", "City Hall" , and "Silicon Mine" respectively) but the end result can only be described as a rushed, buggy and disjointed mess.


The Game
On June the 7th, 1985 Domark published their first movie tie-in game. The game was compatible with platforms of the time, Commodore 64, Spectrum 48K, Amstrad CPC and MSX, but the quality of gameplay left much to be desired, even for the period.

avtak_mac.jpg (1024459 bytes)

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