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Monty Norman - The first man of James Bond music James Bond Theme

EON Productions movies
1.  Dr No 1962
2.  From Russia With Love
3.  Goldfinger 1964
4.  Thunderball 1965
5.  You Only Live Twice 1967

6.  On Her Majesty`s Secret Service 1969
7.  Diamonds Are Forever1971
8.  Live And Let Die 1973
The Man With The Golden Gun 1974
10.The Spy Who Loved Me
11.Moonraker 1979
12.For Your Eyes Only 1981
13.Octopussy 1983  
14.A View To A Kill 1985  

15.The Living Daylights 1987
16.Licence To Kill 1989
Goldeneye 1995
18.Tomorrow Never Dies1997
19.The World Is Not Enough 1999
20.Die Another Day 2002
21.Casino Royale 2006
22.Quantum Of Solace 2008
Skyfall 2012
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Casino Royale 1954
Casino Royale 1967
Never Say Never Again 1983

Albert "Cubby"Broccoli
Harry Saltzman
Barbara Broccoli
Michael G,Wilson

Writers to all Bond books
Ian Fleming  
Amis Kingsley
Raymond Benson 
John Gardner
Charlie Higson

Sebastian Faulks
Jeffery Deaver
Neal Purvis screenwriter
Robert Wade

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Barry Nelson
Sean Connery

George Lazenby
Roger Moore
Timothy Dalton
Pierce Brosnan
Daniel Craig

James Bond Composers
Monty Norman 1
John Barry 11
George Martin 1
Marvin Hamlisch 1
Bill Conti 1
Michael Kamen 1
Eric Serra 1
David Arnold 
James Bond Music
22 Best Bondsoundtrack

Allias MI6
Moneypenny Maxwell/Bliss/Bond
Q  Llewelyn/Cleese
M Lee/Brown/Dench
CIA Felix Leiter
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Monty Norman - The first man of James Bond music James Bond Theme

Monty Norman Composer for Dr No. and The James Bond theme

Born April 4, 1928, London.

Monty Norman - The first man of James Bond music,best known for being credited with composing the "James Bond Theme".

Norman is famous for writing the music to the first James Bond movie Dr No, and has been credited with writing the "James Bond Theme", the signature theme of the James Bond franchise. Norman has received royalties since 1962 for the theme, but it was arranged by John Barry  after the producers were dissatisfied with Norman's music. Barry claims that he actually did write the theme, but nevertheless, Mr. Norman won two libel actions against publishers for claiming that Barry was the composer, most recently against The Sunday Times in 2001. During the trial, Barry testified on the stand that he had, in fact, composed the The James Bond Theme, but that Norman was contractually obligated to receive credit for the score.

Monty Norman composed some of the most memorable music ever for films and stage. His contribution to the James Bond canon, though , has always been filled with its own intrigue.

Norman sang with a British dance bands in the late 1940s, and moving later into song writing. Norman worked on a number of musicals. His modern, sometimes experimental sound impressed DR NO producers Broccoli and Salzman who hired him to put together a score for the film.

Location manager, Chris Blackwell (later of Island Records fame) found Monty a shady room away from the hot sun where he could happily set to music all he had absorbed of the local atmosphere.

The director, Terence Young, asked Monty to come up with something for the three blind beggars who would be the first killers in a Bond film. He wrote a calypso based on the children's nursery rhyme, 'Three Blind Mice', called 'The Kingston Calypso' which got the film off to a good start by playing against the drama of the assassination.

Cubby Broccoli then wanted a song for Ursula Andress to sing as she came out of the ocean like a beautiful bikinied mermaid. He wanted her to be observed by Sean Connery, who would sing it back at her. Monty asked around his new found Jamaican friends (among them Carmen Manley, the Prime Minister’s daughter) for the correct indigenous flora, fauna, greengrocery and patois love words to put in the lyric. The result was a very authentic sounding number called 'Underneath The Mango Tree'.


Underneath The Mango Tree
Me honey and me, come watch for de moon.
Underneath The Mango Tree
Me honey and me make boo-loo-loops soon.

Monty had great fun teaching Sean Connery and Ursula Andress the song which played no small part in one of cinema history's classic moments.

The latest dance craze in Jamaica was called the Jump Up. So for a scene set in the dance hall Monty wrote a number in that rhythm called 'Jump Up Jamaica', which became a local hit.

At a Count Basie concert in Jamaica, Monty met the great man himself. Basie asked him to send any numbers from DR NO that might be possible for his orchestra.

The outcome: Basie subsequently recorded four numbers: Dr No's Fantasy, The Kingston Calypso, Underneath The Mango Tree and The James Bond Theme.

And finally, on Saltzman's request, a meeting with the 'Executive Suits' at United Artists to give them an update on how things were progressing in Jamaica. It was obvious that for them the jury was out on DR NO until they could see a final cut of this, in Hollywood terms, low budget British spy film. Then to the party, given by Arthur Laurents the book writer of many Broadway hits including West Side Story. Half the writing talent of Broadway and Hollywood were on the guest list.
Vic Flick 

Monty Norman and Terence Young

Monty Norman Composer for Dr No.

Monty Norman autograph

Monty Norman - The first man of James Bond music

Doctor No CD
Music by Monty Norman 1962

Dr. No: 1962
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [SOUNDTRACK]
John Barry, James Bond Films (Related Recordings)
This is a surprisingly good soundtrack...considering that many of the better pieces of the film, as such the breezy instrumental version of Underneath the Mango Tree at the film's finale, was left out.
Aside from the theme, here are some of the highlights...Underneath the Mango Tree, a beautiful song heard in the movie, and another version sung by Sean Connery himself. There are also several instrumental versions of the song on the soundtrack that are also great. Other songs like "Three Blind Mice", "Jamaica Jump Up" are also good, and best played for laughs.
The Island Speaks is an ominous piece that will have you on the edge of your seat. And there is also versions of the original James Bond theme that Norman wrote before Barry rearranged it (whatever THAT meant), one of which is as slinky and sexy as a theme can be.
The downers...well, Dr. No's Fantasy, whatever that was. And Audio Bongo...strictly filler.
Dr. No is a very good soundtrack overall, and you won't be disappointed.

The sound of the 007 theme was a breakthrough in session recording due to its technique. In the early 60's, the orchestra would record only one take, on what the studios referred to as "compatible stereo." This unique recording method allowed for the sound of the guitar to "bleed" into adjacent microphones of the orchestra, adding a lustrous and ambient quality to the final recording.


When considering cinema and music, no theme has proved to be more memorable and timeless than that of James Bond. For countless fans, it is indeed with ritualized anticipation that they await the appearance of 007 at the open of each new film. No cinematic experience quite matches it. A sequence of white dots roll across the screen, then open to reveal our favorite British spy targeted through the barrel of a gun. He confidently strolls on screen; he turns, shoots, and slays an unseen assassin. It is only with the combination of this imagery and the appropriate music, does it truly supply the audience with the proper effect. Chill inducing, heart-pounding excitement!
The genius of this theme belies its elegant simplicity. Its chords and melody performed for the first time in history in CTS Studios, Bayswater, London, England in 1962. The James Bond theme has become the everlasting ode to all that is smooth, sultry, and spy; ultimately attesting that nobody has done it, does it, or will do it better than the music of 007. The world, therefore, owes a debt of gratitude to the one of the most influential guitarists of all time, the man behind Bond's twang, the incomparable Vic Flick.
Flick's illustrious career has literally spanned decades, from acoustic folk in the late 1950's to live stage performances and session recordings of the early 1960's and ultimately, to partake in the soundtrack of cinema's ultimate spy, James Bond. In Flick's career, he has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in music history. Tom Jones, Nancy Sinatra, Burt Bacharach, Henry Mancini, Shirley Bassey, Jimmy Page, John McLaughlin, and Eric Clapton are but a few of the musical giants that have shared the recording studio floor with Vic Flick.

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