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 Pierce Brosnan and Izabella Scorupco from Goldeneye with bikini  Izabella Scorupco  Bikini Natalya Simonova GoldenEye (1995)   The James Bond Museum Sweden etype_bond.jpg (376999 bytes) GoldenEye countdown number   One of the actual components of the countdown number used on the set at Leavesden for the  1995 Pierce Brosnan James Bond film GoldenEye.  (COA supplied)

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 Laserdisc (LD) was the first commercial optical disc storage medium, and was used primarily for movies for home viewing.

Laserdisc är föregångaren till DVD-skivan. Finns i flera olika storlekar. Vanligast är 12", som alltså är lika stora som LP-skivor. Inte helt ovanlig är heller 8"-skivor som bl a använts mycket för musikvideo. Både bild och ljud lagras analogt, även om det är optiska skivor. Genom olika moduleringsteknik kan man dock få en digitalsignal lagrad på den analoga bärvågen. Laserdisc är föregångaren till DVD-skivan. Finns i flera olika storlekar. Vanligast är 12", som alltså är lika stora som LP-skivor. Inte helt ovanlig är heller 8"-skivor som bl a använts mycket för musikvideo. Både bild och ljud lagras analogt, även om det är optiska skivor. Genom olika moduleringsteknik kan man dock få en digitalsignal lagrad på den analoga bärvågen. Laserdisc (LD) was the first commercial optical disc storage medium, and was used primarily for movies for home viewing.
Laserdisc (left) compared to a DVD/CD (right).
You Only Live Twice
LaserDisc Widescreen version with trailer.
Pris: 998:-
Us  : $139

Nr  : 007- 50600
Live and Let Die
LaserDisc. Widescreen version with trailer.
Pris: 998:- Us  : $139

Nr  : 007- 50610

Laserdisc Title:  James Bond "You Only Live Twice"

Edition: Deluxe Letter-Box Edition, Extended Play
Directed by: Lewis Gilbert
Starring:  Sean Connery Akiko Wakabayashi, Lois Maxwell, Desmond Llewelyn
Publisher / Year: MGM/UA Home Video 1967
Running Time: 116 Minutes / Color
Rating: PG
Catalog Number: ML101565

Synopsis: Sean Connery, the original 007, catapults you into James Bond's world of high-tech combat, exotic women and outrageous, deadly - yet always impeccably well-mannered - arch villains. You Only Live Twice is the last consecutive Bond film to star Sean Connery.

Time is running out. From their secret base on a Japanese island, Blofeld (Donald Pleasence) and the fanatics at SPECTRE hijack both an American and a Soviet spaceship. Accusations fly, and a superpower war is imminent. 007must infiltrate SPECTRE's heavily fortified hideout. But the countdown to destruction has already begun!

Spectacular sets (SPECTRE's volcano fortress cost $1,000,000), chases and special effects - with just the right dose of devilishly dry Bond wit - combine to deliver the razor-edged thrills and excitement that have made James Bond the world's most popular and enduring screen spy.


Catalog Number: ML101418
Genre: Action
Published by: MGM/UA Home Video
Directed by: Guy Hamilton
LD Released: 15/01/1991
Origin: USA
Color: Color
Playing Time: 124 min.
Sides: 3
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1  Wide Screen
Cover Style: Gatefold
Encoding: CLV/CAV


On Her Majesty Secrte Service
LaserDisc Widescreen version with trailer.
Complete version 135 minutes.
Pris: 998:- Us  : $139

Nr  : 007-50620

Widescreen version with trailer.

Pris: 998:- Us  : $139

Nr  : 007-50630

On Her Majesty's Secret Service '69 LASERDISC LB-NIP

Rare & HTF George Lazenby Bond Title

Catalog #: ML101788.

George Lazenby, Diana Rigg and Telly Savalas.

1969/Widescreen/135 Minute Runtime/New-In-Package (NIP)/DVT/GF/2 Disc.

Also includes the Theatrical Trailer.


Moonraker '79 LASERDISC LB DVT-Roger Moore/Lois Chiles

Catalog #: ML101710.

Roger Moore, Lois Chiles and Michael Lonsdale.

1969/Widescreen/126 Minute Runtime/DVT/GF/2 Disc.


  • 2 DISC, 3 SIDES
  • APPROX: 126 MIN
The Spy Who Loved Me
LaserDisc. Widescreen version med trailer.
Pris: 998:- Us  : $139

Nr  : 007-50680

Diamonds Are Forever
LaserDisc. Widescreen version med trailer.
Pris: 998:- Us  : $139

Nr  : 007- 50690

Laserdisc Title:  James Bond "The Spy Who Loved Me"

Edition: Deluxe Letter-Box Edition, 2-Disc Set Extended Play
Directed by: Lewis Gilbert
Starring:  Roger Moore, Barbara Bach, Curt Jurgens, Richard Kiel, Caroline Munro
Publisher / Year: MGM/UA Home Video 1977
Running Time: 129 Minutes / Color
Rating: PG
Catalog Number: ML101743

Synopsis: From the death-defying opening that finds Agent 007 nonchalantly skiing straight off a 3,000-foor mountain precipice to the explosive finale aboard a humongous supertanker, The Spy Who Loved Me is Bond at his exhilarating best!

With dashing good looks and irrepressible charm, Roger Moore as 007 finds himself partnered with voluptuous Soviet agent XXX (Barbara Bach). Together they battle to save the world from total annihilation - this time at the hands of a menacing megalomaniac named Stromberg (Curt Jurgens.).

The extravagant production offers exotic Egyptian and Sardinian locales, a gallery of inventive gadgets topped by an amphibious Lotus Esprit. And the largest interior set ever built comfortably houses three nuclear submarines!

But undoubtedly the most outrageous spectacle of all is the 7'2", 315-pound villain known as "Jaws" (Richard Kiel), whose sadistic specialty is tearing out people's throats with his stainless steel teeth. It's Bond and beyond...and nobody does it better.


Laserdisc Title:  James Bond "Diamonds Are Forever"

Edition: Deluxe Letter-Box Edition, 2-Disc Set, Extended Play
Directed by: Guy Hamilton
Starring:  Sean Connery, Jill St. John, Charles Gray, Lana Wood, Jimmy Dean
Publisher / Year: MGM/UA Home Video 1971
Running Time: 125 Minutes / Color
Rating: PG
Catalog Number: ML101741

Synopsis: A fortune in diamonds brings Sean Connery back to the screen for his sixth James Bond adventure. Director Guy Hamilton makes Connery's return (after four years) memorable with fantastic sets, gorgeous co-stars, and one of the most exciting car chase scenes ever filmed!

Smugglers are out to capture the world's glittering diamond market. Bond uses fast cars, hearses, jets, helicopters, and moon machines in a perplexing search to find out why. Seductive smuggler Tiffany Case (Jill St. John) does her best to keep 007 "on top of things" afloat a bridal-suite water bed filled with tropical fish. From his luxurious Las Vegas hotel penthouse, millionaire recluse Willard Whyte (Jimmy Dean) add a new piece to the puzzle when he reveals his sinister identity and evil purpose.

Academy Award-winning cinematographer Ted Moore expertly films the movie's explosive and fiery climax.

The Man With The Golden Gun
LaserDisc. Widescreen version with trailer.
Pris: 998:- Us  : $139
The Living Daylights
LaserDisc. Widescreen version with trailer.
Pris: 998:- Us  : $139

Nr  : 007- 50650
  • 2 DISC, 3 SIDES
  • APPROX: 125 MIN

Nr  : 007- 50640


Tomorrow Never Dies
1997 / 119 minutes / Colour
Rated PG-13

Movie Review for LaserDisc LD:
In TOMORROW NEVER DIES, British super-spy James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) goes after a ruthless media baron, Elliot Carver--an amalgam of Ted Turner, Rupert Murdoch, and Bill Gates--played with feisty aplomb by Jonathan Pryce. Carver's diabolical plan is to instigate World War III so that his empire can obtain exclusive coverage (a la CNN during the Gulf War). This time, 007 must endure the sorrow of love lost as he shares a nostalgic interlude with his ex-lover Paris (Teri Hatcher) who is now married to his nemesis, Carver. He also discovers a worthwhile partner in a female Chinese counterpart, Wai Lin (Hong Kong action diva Michelle Yeoh). Noteworthy for its unabashed commercial product placement, TOMORROW NEVER DIES follows the sharp direction of Roger Spottiswoode.

Pierce Brosnan
Jonathan Pryce
Michelle Yeoh
Teri Hatcher
Ricky Jay
Gotz Otto
Joe Don Baker
Vincent Schiavelli
Judi Dench
Desmond Llewelyn
Samantha Bond
Colin Salmon
Geoffrey Palmer
Julian Fellowes
Terence Rigby
Cecilie Thomsen
Nina Young
Daphne Deckers
Colin Stinton
Al Matthews
Mark Spalding
Bruce Alexander
Anthony Green
Christopher Bowen
Andrew Hawkins
Dominic Shaun
Julian Rhind-Tutt
Gerard Butler
Adam Barker
Michael Byrne
Pip Torrens
Hugh Bonneville
Jason Watkins
Eoin McCarthy
Brendan Coyle
David Ashton
William Scott-Masson
Laura Brattan
Nadia Cameron
Liza Ross
Hugo Napier
Rolf Saxon
Vincent Wong
Philip Kwok

Roger Spottiswoode Director
Bruce Feirstein Screenwriter
Robert Elswit Director of Photography
Barbara Broccoli Producer
Michael G. Wilson Producer
Michel Arcand Editor
Dominique Fortin Editor
Allan Cameron Production Designer
Lindy Hemming Costume Designer
Sheryl Crow Music Performer
Frank Denson Composer
David Arnold Composer

1983 - UK - 131 min. - Feature, Colour 
Director John Glen 
Genre/Type Action, Spy Film, Action Thriller, Glamorized Spy Film 
Box office Domestic gross: $64,300,000 
From story Octopussy, The Property of a Lady 
Colour type MetroColour 
Cinematic Process Panavision 
Sound by Dolby 
Produced by Eon Productions / MGM / MGM/United Artists / United Artists 
Release Jul 10, 1983 (USA) 

Movie Review for LaserDisc LD: 
This (13th) time around, "007" receives the usual call to come and visit "Mother" when another agent drops off a fake Faberge jeweled egg at the British embassy in East Berlin and is later killed at a traveling circus. Suspicions mount when the assistant manager of the circus Kamal (Louis Jourdan), outbids Bond for the real Faberge piece at Sotheby's. Bond follows Kamal to India where the superspy thwarts many an ingenious attack and encounters the antiheroine of the title (Maud Adams), an international smuggler who runs the circus as a cover for her illegal operations. It does not take long to figure out that Orlov (Steven Berkoff), a decidedly rank Russian general is planning to raise enough money with the fake Faberges to detonate a nuclear bomb in Europe and then defeat NATO forces once and for all in conventional warfare. As always, it is up to Bond to save the day, win the woman, and perform unimaginable feats of derring-do in the process. --- Eleanor Mannikka 

Octopussy is one of the cleaner and more entertaining of Roger Moore's Bond films, despite a title that tends to elicit blushes. Bond films are always a miniature world tour, but this one's plot carries off the usual jet-setting with more finesse than some of its predecessors and some that followed. It's got a Colourful slate of villains, starting with Louis Jourdan's slippery Kamal Kahn and Robert Orlov's vain-popping Russian general, and continuing with such minions as the bodyguard who can crush dice in his fist, the twin circus knife throwers, and the man with the yo-yo razor blade. Memorable set pieces include a dangerous ride through an Indian marketplace and the safari game hunt in which Bond is the target. But the film's lingering image is of Bond sliding down an ornate banister, machine gun blazing, just barely blowing off the decorative flourish at the bottom to keep his privates from getting pulverized. Ever perfecting that playful grin and dry wit, Moore makes his sixth and penultimate Bond film, one of the series' more satisfying. Octopussy was one of eight Bond films that John Glen either directed or edited. --- Derek Armstrong 

Roger Moore - James Bond 
Maud Adams - Octopussy 
Louis Jourdan - Kamal 
Kristina Wayborn - Magda 
Kabir Bedi - Gobinda 
Steven Berkoff - Orlov 
David Meyer - twin 
Vijay Amritraj - Vijay 
Desmond Llewelyn - "Q" 
Robert Brown - "M" 
Walter Gotell - Gogol 
Geoffrey Keen - Minister of Defense 
Suzanne Jerome - Gwendoline 
Cherry Gillespie - Midge 
Albert Moses - Sadruddin 
Douglas Wilmer - Fanning 
Andrew Bradford - 009 
Lois Maxwell - Miss Moneypenny 
Michaela Clavell - Penelope Smallbone 
Peter Porteous - Lenkin 
Eva Reuber-Staier - Rublevitch 
Carole Ashby - Octopussy Girl 
Richard Parmentier - U.S Aide 
Ken Norris - Col. Toro 
Patrick Barr - British Ambassador 
Philip Voss - Auctioneer 
Gabor Vernon - Borchoi 
Cheryl Anne - Octopussy Girl 
Tina Robinson - Octopussy Girl 
Stuart Saunders - Maj. Clive 
Mary Stavin - Octopussy Girl 
Gurdial Sira - Thug 
Brenda Cowling - Schatzl 
David Grahame - Petrol Pump Attendant 
Richard Graydon - Francisco the Fearless 
Michael Halphie - South American Officer 
Dermot Crowley - Kamp 
Brian Coburn - South American VIP 
William Derrick - Thug with Yo-yo 
Bruce Boa - U.S. General 
Julie Martin 
Hugo Bower - Karl 
Anthony Meyer - Twin Two 
Paul Hardwick - Soviet Chairman 
Ray Charles - Thug 
Gertan Klauber - Bubi 
Jeremy Bulloch - Smithers 

John Glen - Director 
Albert R. Broccoli - Producer 
Michael G. Wilson - Producer / Screen Story / Screenwriter / Executive Producer 
George MacDonald Fraser - Screenwriter / Screen Story 
Richard Maibaum - Screenwriter / Screen Story 
Alan Hume - Cinematographer 
John Barry - Songwriter / Composer (Music Score) 
Tim Rice - Songwriter 
Peter Davies - Editor 
John Grover - Editor 
Henry Richardson - Editor 
Peter Lamont - Production Designer 
John Fenner - Art Director 
Tom Pevsner - Associate Producer 
Derek Ball - Musical Direction/Supervision / Sound/Sound Designer 
Jack Stephens - Set Designer 
Emma Porteous - Costume Designer 
Eric Allwright - Makeup 
George Frost - Makeup 
Peter Robb-King - Makeup 
Anthony Waye - First Assistant Director 
Rita Coolidge - Singer 
Del Baker - Stunts 
Pat Banta - Stunts 
Billy Burton - Stunts 
Clive Curtis - Stunts 
Jim Dowdall - Stunts 
Dorothy Ford - Stunts 
Martin Grace - Stunts 
Nick Hobbs - Stunts 
Jazzer Jeyes - Stunts 
Remy Julienne - Stunts 
Wayne Michaels - Stunts 
Malcolm Weaver - Stunts 
Christopher Webb - Stunts 
Paul Weston - Stunts 
John Richardson - Special Effects Supervisor 
Arthur Wooster - Second Unit Director

Tomorrow Never Dies
LaserDisc. Widescreen version with trailer.
Pris: 998:- Us  : $139

Nr  : 007- 50660

Rare Factory-Sealed, Dolby Surround Sound, Widescreen, LaserDisc Movie

Near-Mint Condition with one compressed corner

Roger Moore & Maud Adams in...


( Catalogue Number ML101640 ) (2.10:1) (DSS) (3 Sides) (CLV+CAV) (NTSC)

  • The Best Version on LaserDisc
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
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 Octopussy LaserDisc.
Widescreen version with trailer.
Pris: 998:- Us  : $139

Nr  : 007- 50670



James Bond GoldenEye Letter-Box Edition LaserDisc

  • 1 DISC, 2 SIDES
  • APPROX: 119 MIN


    ( Catalog Number ML105544 ) (1995) (2.40:1) (AC-3) (THX) (4 Sides) (CLV+CAV) (NTSC)

    Special Features:

  • Audio Commentary by Martin Campbell and Michael G. Wilson
  • Exclusive 44 minute Documentary called "The World of 007", hosted by Elizabeth Hurley
  • 15 Original Theatrical Trailers
  • Side 4 in CAV contains "The Goldeneye Dossier" which consists of the following: The Teaser Trailer, a five minute Production Featurette, the Original Release Trailer, 13 TV Spots, the GoldenEye Music Video with Tina Turner and "James Bond International" (which is the scene where Bond is called into new M's office, presented in three foreign languages, Italian, French and German)
  • The Best Version on LaserDisc

    Double Sided Playback  Laserdiscs can hold upto 60 minutes of movie information on a single side, so most movies come on one or even two double sided discs. Players with double sided playback have a laser pickup both above and below the disc so you don't have to turn it over at the end of a side, although nobody has yet invented a player that can change a disc for you!


  • GoldenEye 
    1995 - USA - 130 min. - Feature, Color 
    Director Martin Campbell 
    Genre/Type Spy Film, Action, Glamorized Spy Film, Action Thriller 
    MPAA Rating PG13 
    Box office $46.099 million / Among top grossing films of 1995 
    Set In Russia, St. Petersburg, Russia 
    Key name James Bond
    Produced by MGM/United Artists 
    Release Nov 19, 1995 (USA) 

    Pierce Brosnan made his first appearance as James Bond in this action thriller, the 17th in the series featuring the suave British super-agent. As the story begins, Agent 007 and his partner Agent 006 (Sean Bean) pull a daring raid on a chemical weapons plant in the Soviet Union. However, they are captured by Russian troops, and while Bond is able to escape, 006 is not so lucky. Several years later, the Soviet Union and the Cold War are a thing of the past, but Bond is still at work ferreting out evildoers everywhere. Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen), a beautiful but vicious villain working with the Russian Mafia, spearheads the theft of the controls to GoldenEye, a high-tech satellite weapons system, and with her gunmen, she kills most of the soldiers and guards at a top-secret military facility in the process. Bond joins forces with Natalya Simonova (Izabella Scorupco), one of the base's few survivors, to help track down Onatopp's minions and the controls to GoldenEye, which can destroy all electronic circuits in a given area in a matter of seconds. However, in time, Bond discovers the true identity of the criminal mastermind who is behind this bid for unholy power and world domination ---- none other than Alec Trevelyan, the man Bond once knew as 006. In addition to Brosnan, GoldenEye also marked another significant cast change for the Bond series ---- Judi Dench made her debut as M, Bond's superior. Minnie Driver also has a cameo as a nightclub singer. Sadly, this was the last film in the Bond series for special effects supervisor Derek Meddings, who died in the midst of production; the film was dedicated to him. --- Mark Deming 

    The debut of Pierce Brosnan in the role of Agent 007 and of director Martin Campbell behind the camera provide a much-needed injection of freshness into the stale James Bond franchise with this, the 18th in the series of spy thrillers. Since Bond tales are best reviewed not in relation to other films but in relation to themselves, here's what works: Brosnan infuses his Bond with the best of both worlds, mixing the suave, winking charm of Roger Moore with the more arch, lethal detachment of Sean Connery. Campbell, for his part, brings pace and visual flair to the proceedings, never losing sight of the class fans have come to expect, while eschewing many of the ludicrous stunts and gizmos for more believable real-world action. A team of screenwriters also wisely updates Bond for the politically correct '90s by transforming the character of M into a woman (portrayed with delightful sobriety by the great Judi Dench). And supporting players Alan Cumming and Famke Janssen are standouts in a series that prides itself on memorable villains. What doesn't work: Sean Bean as an antagonist who comes across as too dim to carry out his complex scheme, Izabella Scorupco, lifeless and boring in place of the expected exciting and sexy, and the basic plot, which bows to the graying maxims that Bond must never grow or develop and that Russians make the best villains. GoldenEye is a mixed bag, but a promising start for a star and director who could do better with improved material. --- Karl Williams 

    Pierce Brosnan - James Bond 
    Sean Bean - Alec Trevelyan 
    Izabella Scorupco - Natalya Simonova 
    Famke Janssen - Xenia Onatopp 
    Joe Don Baker - Jack Wade 
    Judi Dench - M 
    Gottfried John - Gen. Ourumov 
    Tchky Karyo - Dimitri Mishkin 
    Billy Mitchell - Admiral Chuck Farrel 
    Peter Majer - Valentin's Bodyguard 
    Michael Kitchen - Bill Tanner 
    Desmond Llewelyn - Q 
    Samantha Bond - Moneypenny 
    Robbie Coltrane - Valentin Zukovsky 
    Alan Cumming - Boris Grishenko 
    Trevor Byfield - Train Driver 
    Ravil Issyanov - MIG Pilot 
    Constantine Gregory - Computer Store Manager 
    Minnie Driver - Irina 
    Serena Gordon - Caroline 

    Martin Campbell - Director 
    Barbara Broccoli - Producer 
    Michael G. Wilson - Producer 
    Jeffrey Caine - Screenwriter 
    Bruce Feirstein - Screenwriter 
    Michael France - Story Author 
    Kevin Wade - Screenwriter 
    Harvey Harrison - Cinematographer 
    Phil Meheux - Cinematographer 
    Arthur Wooster - Cinematographer / First Assistant Director 
    John Altman - Musical Direction/Supervision 
    Bono - Songwriter 
    The Edge - Songwriter 
    Nellee Hooper - Musical Direction/Supervision 
    Eric Serra - Composer (Music Score) 
    Terry Rawlings - Editor 
    Peter Lamont - Production Designer 
    Andrew Ackland-Snow - Art Director 
    Kathrin Brunner - Art Director 
    Neil Lamont - Art Director 
    Chares Lee - Art Director 
    Anthony Waye - Associate Producer 
    Tom Pevsner - Executive Producer 
    Michael Ford - Set Designer 
    Lindy Hemming - Costume Designer 
    David John - Sound/Sound Designer 
    Linda de Vetta - Makeup 
    Chris Corbould - Special Effects 
    Gerry Gavigan - First Assistant Director 
    Ian Sharp - First Assistant Director 
    Tina Turner - Singer 
    Simon Crane - Stunts 
    Debbie McWilliams - Casting


Licence To Kill WS LD 007 James Bond Dalton

Rare Remastered, Dolby Surround Sound, Widescreen, LaserDisc Edition

Timothy Dalton & Carey Lowell in...

Licence To Kill

( Catalog Number ML104553 ) (2.35:1) (1989) (DSS) (3 Sides) (CLV) (NTSC)

Special Features:

  • Best Version on LaserDisc
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Bond Movies on LaserDisc Listed in the Store

    Please zoom-in on actual hi-res photo for details. Kept in a controlled environment. This is a 12" LaserDisc not a DVD. Visit Da Don's Store for over 850 of the Rarest LaserDiscs in the World!


    Licence To Kill
    1989 / 133 Minutes / Color
    Rated PG-13

    James Bond (Timothy Dalton) returns with a vengeance in LICENCE TO KILL. Having just witnessed his best friend's wedding, Bond is shocked when he learns that ruthless drug runner Franz Sanchez (Robert Davi) has assaulted the couple on their honeymoon, killing the bride. Assisted by the twiggy Drug Enforcement Agent Pam Bouvier (Carey Lowell) and the gadget wizard Q (Patrick Llewelyn), Bond resigns from Her Majesty’s Secret Service and pursues justice on his own. Perhaps the darkest of the 007 films, LICENCE TO KILL, exhibits a previously unseen side of James Bond. Maniacal at times, ex-agent 007, detonates everything in his way on the road to avenging his friend's bride. 

    The 16th installment of the James Bond series, LICENCE TO KILL, veers away from the pick-up artistry and light interlocution of former 007 films. Instead, director John Glen, gives the audience a crystal clear view of the man behind the martini glass.

    Timothy Dalton
    Carey Lowell
    Robert Davi
    Anthony Zerbe
    Talisa Soto
    Wayne Newton

    John Glen Director
    Richard Maibaum Story
    Michael G. Wilson Screenwriter
    Albert R. Broccoli Executive Producer
    Alec Mills Director of Photography
    John Grover Editor
    Jodie Tillen Costume Designer
    Michael Kamen Composer

    Laserdisc (LD) was the first commercial optical disc storage medium, and was used primarily for movies for home viewing.

    During its development, MCA, which owned the technology, referred to it as the Reflective Optical Videodisc System; changing the name once in 1969 to Disco-Vision and then again in 1978 to DiscoVision (without the hyphen), which became the official spelling. MCA owned the rights to the largest catalog of films in the world during this time, and they manufactured and distributed the DiscoVision releases of those films under the "MCA DiscoVision" label beginning on December 15, 1978.

    Pioneer Electronics also entered the optical disc market in 1978, manufacturing players and printing discs under the name Laser Videodisc. For 1980 the name was compressed into LaserDisc and in 1981 the intercap was eliminated and "Laserdisc" became the final and common name for the format, supplanting the use of the "DiscoVision" name, which disappeared shortly thereafter; titles released by MCA became MCA Laserdiscs or (later) MCA-Universal Laserdiscs. The format has been incorrectly referred to as LV or LaserVision, although this actually refers to a line of Philips brand players; the term VDP or Video Disc Player was a somewhat more common and more correct name for players in general.

    During the early years, MCA also manufactured discs for other companies including Paramount, Disney and Warner Bros. Some of them added their own names to the disc jacket to signify that the movie was not owned by MCA. When MCA merged into Universal years later, Universal began reissuing many of the early DiscoVision titles as MCA-Universal discs. The DiscoVision versions had largely been available only in pan and scan and had often utilized poor transfers, the newer versions improved greatly in terms of both audio and video quality.

    Laserdisk, LD, är ett gammalt analogt system för att lagra film på skiva. Systemet har funnits sedan 1970-talet, men det tog tid innan det blev spritt.

    Skivorna ser ut som CD-skivor, stora som LP-skivor, och rymmer ca 1 timme per sida. Bildkvaliteten jämfört med VHS kan liknas vid skillnaden mellan CD och kasettband. LD är dock inget digitalt format, utan analogt. Dock finns det både ett digitalt och analogt ljudspår, så det är möjligt att ha ljudspår för två olika språk.

    LD blev ganska vanligt i Japan och USA, men i Europa slog det aldrig igenom riktigt förutom i Frankrike. I Sverige började LD bli ganska vanligt i början av 1990-talet, men blev på grund av dyra apparater och dåligt utbud av filmer i Sverige en angelägenhet mest för hemmabiofantaster.

    Idag har LD i stort sett helt och hållet ersatts av DVD, men begagnat-marknaden för LD är fortfarande stor i Japan. Kvalitetsmässigt ger DVD ofta bättre bild, mest för att DVD:er är enklare att producera, men också för att folk i allmänhet har blivit mer kvalitetsmedvetna sedan DVD:ns inträde. Fördelen med LD framför DVD är det gamla vanliga: Man kan göra så mycket mer med ett omslag stort som en LP-omslag än med ett CD-omslag.

    Laserdisc (av engelska för ”laserskiva”) (LD) var det första kommersiellt tillgängliga optiska lagringsmediumet, och det användes främst för film. Under utvecklingen av Laserdisc kallades det Optical Videodisc System (”Optiskt videoskivesystem”), men 1969 ändrades namnet till Discovision av utecklaren MCA. Formatet marknadsfördes under detta namn fram till början av 1978. MCA ägde rättigheterna till det största utbudet av filmer i världen under denna tid, och de tillverkade och distribuerade sina skiva under varumärket MCA DiscoVision. Pioneer Electronics steg in på marknaden 1978 och började tillverka spelare och skivor under namnet Laserdisc, vilket 1981 kom att bli det vedertagna namnet på formatet. Skivorna var oftast i storleken 12", alltså lika stor som en LP-skiva. Det fanns också 8"-skivor, som bland annat användes till musikvideor.

    MCA tryckte även skivor för andra företag, bland andra Paramount, Disney och Warner Brothers. Vissa av dessa satte in sina egna företagsnamn på skivomslaget för att visa att filmerna inte tillhörde MCA. När MCA övergick till Universal så började man ge ut många av de ursprungliga titlarna för Discovision på nytt. Utgåvorna för Discovision hade ofta varit dåligt mastrade, men de för Universal var av betydligt bättre kvalité. Laserdisc har även varit känt under namnet Laservision (egentligen namnet på en spelare från det nederländska företaget Philips).

    Pioneer CLD-D503 The  Operation Manual for the CLD-D503.

    The  Operation Manual for the CLD-D503Pioneer CLD-D503

    Playback Functions:

    Program Playback
    Random Playback (For LDs, this function is available with only discs containing TOC.)
    Repeat Playback
    Hi-Lite/Intro Scan Playback
    Hi-Lite Scan - CD, CDV-audio part
    Intro Scan - LD, CDV-video part
    Auto Program Editing/Compu Program Editing

    LD (LaserDisc) Playback Functions:

    Gamma-Turn System - Two-Side Continuous Playback
    A Side <-<>-> B Side Continuous Playback Programs
    Last Memory Function

    CD (Compact Disc) / CDV (Compact Disc with Video) Playback Functions:

    Direct CD Function

    Other Features:

    1-Bit DLC D/A Converters
    Auto Loading and Automatic Disc Discrimination Functions
    Compatibility with Many Discs Types and Sizes
    Film Mode
    Digital Level Control Using SCAN Control Adjustment


    2 Sets of A/V Pin-Type Outputs
    1 S-Video Output
    Pioneer CD-Deck Synchro Function




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