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James Bond of Sweden. James Bond of Sweden. James Bond Swede changes name to James Bond Welcome to the worlds first James Bond 007 Museum in  Sweden, Nybro.  Th e museum is MAP OVER THE JAMES BOND 007 MUSEUM IN SWEDEN NYBRO  over 700 square meter    My name is Bond, James Bond !Gunnar Schäfer in Sturdust Magazine with Isabella Scorupco and Jaws , Aston Martin DB5
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Mannen Med  Den Gyllene Pistolen 1974 The Man With The Golden Gun (1974) Roger Moore

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Mission: The Man With The Golden Gun
Released: December 19, 1974
Bond: Roger Moore
Director: Guy Hamilton
Budget: $7 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $97.6 Million
Running Time: 125 Minutes
Villain: Francisco Scaramanga
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: The theft and misuse of a Solex Agitator
Henchmen: Nick Nack
Girls: Mary Goodnight, Andrea Anders
Allies: Hip, JW Pepper
Bond's Kill Count: 1

Mannen_med_den_gyllene_pist.gif (4302740 bytes)







Assassin Francisco Scaramanga, known as "The Man With The Golden Gun", has stolen a device which will allow him to control solar power for criminal purposes. Bond is assigned to stop him, but Scaramanga's Golden Gun has 007 in its sight.


  • James Bond: Roger Moore first Bondfilm
  • Moneypenny: Lois Maxwell
  • M: Bernard Lee
  • Q: Desmond Llewelyn
  • Bond Girl (Mary Goodnight): Brit Ekland
  • Bond Girl (Andrea Anders): Maud Adams
  • Villain (Fransisco Scaramanga): Christopher Lee
  • Henchman (Nick Nack): Herve Villechaize

The Facts

  • Rated: PG
  • Official Year: 1974
  • Number in Series: 9
  • Running Time: 119 minutes
  • Budget: $13 million
  • UK Premiere: December 18, 1974
  • US Premiere: December 18, 1974


  • Writing Credits: Ian Fleming
  • Producer: Albert R. Broccoli
  • Producer: Harry Saltzman
  • Director: Guy Hamilton
  • Composer: John Barry
  • Title Song: Lulu
  • Production Design: Peter Murton
Roll Skådespelare
James Bond Roger Moore
Francisco Scaramanga Christopher Lee
Mary Goodnight Britt Ekland 
Andrea Anders Maud Adams 
Nick Nack Hervé Villechaize
J.W. Pepper Clifton James Gör sin andra Bond-film som sheriff Pepper.
Hai Fat Richard Loo
Hip Soon-Teck Oh
Rodney Marc LawrenceAttendant i 'Diamonds Are Forever1971'
Miss Moneypenny Lois Maxwell
M Bernard Lee
Q Desmond Llewelyn
Lazar Marne Maitland
Colthorpe James Cossins
Chula Chan Yiu Lam
Saida Carmen Sautoy
Frazier Gerald James
Naval Lieutenant Michael Osborne
Communications Officer Michael Fleming
och utanför rollistan:
Karate Girl Joie Pacharintraporn


Mary Goodnight
Played by Britt Ekland
Man with The Golden gun Britt Ekland as Mary Goodnight

Goodnight is Bond's beautiful but inept contact in the Far East and is more of a comic relief than a true Bond girl. Britt Ekland was first offered the role of Scaramanga's girlfriend but the producers changed their mind when they saw her in a bikini.

Fullt namn: Britt-Marie Eklund
Födelsedag 6 oktober.1942
Stjärntecken: Våg
Födelsestad: Stockholm, Sverige
Roll: Mary Goodnight
Film: Otopussy  1983
  • Date of Birth: 6th October 1942
  • Place of Birth: Stockholm, Sweden


Andrea Anders
Played by Maud Adams
Maud Adams The Man With The Golden Gun (1974) 

Anders is Scaramanga's girlfriend and sees Bond as her 
savior from her boyfriend's grasp. She tries to steal the 
Solex Agitator for Bond, but is killed when Scaramanga 
finds out. Maud Adams returned to the Bond series as the 
title character in Octopussy

Maud Solveig Christina Wikstrom
12.02.1945  Vattumann
Luleå, Sverige 
175 cm.

Roger Moore as James Bond 
ENGLAND - 14 Oktober 1927.
BOND  1973 - 1985 
7 movies.


Fransisco Scaramanga
Played by Christopher Lee

Scaramanga plays the title character in The Man With The Golden Gun, as the the best and most highly paid assassin in the world (at $1 million a 'hit'). He plans to monopolise solar power and when Bond gives chase, Scaramanga challenges him to a duel on his island. Of course, 007 comes out as a winner. Coincidentally, actor Christopher Lee is Ian Fleming's cousin

Nick Nack
Played by Herve Villechaize

Nick Nack is Fransisco Scaramanga's diminutive assistant who gets thrills from trying to use others to eliminate his boss. Nick Nack is the controller of the man with the golden gun's play house -- he knows that when his master dies, he will become the heir of the estate.

Sheriff JW Pepper
Played by Clifton James

A hick sheriff from Louisiana, Pepper first met Bond in Live and Let Die while Bond was escaping from Kananga's henchmen by motorboat. JW serves as comic relief in The Man With The Golden Gun. He really isn't an ally, so to speak. Instead, he serves as one of Bond's contacts.


Lieutenant Hip
Played by Soon Taik-Oh

Hip is the Hong Kong police officer assigned to work with Bond to recover the Solex Agitator. When he pretends to arrest Bond following the assassination of Gibson, he inexplicably fails to tell 007 that he is actually bringing him to a meeting with M, thus causing Bond to have to initiate an escape. Later, after he and Bond flee Hai Fat's henchmen, Hip speeds away in his car leaving Bond behind in the dust to fend for himself. Hipe later suffers the indignity of disguising himself as a peanut vendor at a boxing stadium. Although he succeeds in recovering the Agitator, Hip makes the mistake of entrusting it to Mary Goodnight.

nick nack dom perignon
Nick Nack servning Dom Perignon
Man with the Golden Gun: Dom Pérignon '64 (Bond says he prefers the '62)
Denna årgången får Bond serverat av Nick Nack på ön til Scarmanga i The Man with the Golden Gun. 007 helst föredrar '62-årgangen.
Golden Gun pistol
Golden Gun pistol 007 bullet.
Roger Moore Maud Adams Britt Ekland
Roger Moore Maud Adams Britt Ekland
on set Thailand.

Maud Adams as Andrea Anders
Roger Moore  Britt Ekland
(Roger Moore) James Bond  (Britt Ekland) Mary Goodnight in bed action.


M Played by Bernard Lee
M Played by Bernard Lee
The head of MI6, M gives Bond his assignments and is the only person 007 answers to. This M in particular, Bernard Lee, first appeared in Dr. No and featured in every other one up to Moonraker when he died shortly after filming.

M Played by Bernard Lee
M Played by Bernard Lee

Roger Moore as James Bond

Flying Medator


Vehicle: Flying Medator
Movie: The Man With The Golden Gun
Owner: Francisco Scaramanga
Status: Destroyed

A bronze AMC Medator owned by Scaramanga, which had the additional feature of a detachable wing/jet engine module which attached to the roof of the car, giving it more than just the ultimate driving pleasure. The vehicle which left both Bond and JW Pepper with their jaws hanging open.

After a high speed pursuit by Bond, Scaramanga drove his car into an old warehouse and attached the wing module to the roof. As Bond and Pepper attempted to break into the warehouse, Scaramanga drove down the "runway" and jet-setted into the air and over the heads of James Bond and JW Pepper, who gasped in amazement.

A 1974 bronze AMC Medator, two door, with the following modifications:

  • Detachable wing with jet engine, which attached to the roof of the car
  • Alternating dashboard that changes into an aircraft instrument panel
  • Duel fuel tank, one for car fuel and one for aviation fuel


The Man With The Golden Gun

Locations: London to Beirut Libanon, the Macau- Hong Kong- Bangkok, Thailand - Scaramanga's base was actually a volcanic rock island called Khow-Ping-Kan in the Phang Nga Bay of Thailand.

  • First character with three nipples
  • First time Bond is unhappy to see the Bond Girl (Goodnight)
  • First (and only) time Bond drinks Phuyuck
  • First appearance of Maud Adams (she would return as Octopussy)
  • First time M barks at Q to shut-up
  • First stunt to use a terrible sound effect (the whistle sound during the car jump)
  • First time that Bond goes to Bangkok, Thailand
  • First mention of the energy crisis
  • First time that a midget is the villain's henchman (Herve Villechaize)
  • First time a relative of Ian Fleming is cast in a Bond film (Christopher Lee)
  • First time the lead villain was related to the horror genre (Christopher Lee)
  • First time 007 drives an AMC Hornet
  • First flying car
  • First time another Double-O agent is shown in the field (009
  • The Solex was inspired by the energy crisis of the 70's.
  • Scaramanga's base was actually a volcanic rock island called Khow-Ping-Kan in the Phang Nga Bay of Thailand.
  • Christopher Lee is the cousin of Ian Fleming.
  • Britt Ekland, real name Eklund, is the ex-wife of Peter Sellers who starred in the spoof of Casino Royale.
  • Britt Ekland was pregnant during the shooting.
  • Felix Leiter is a main character in the book version, yet he does not make an appearance in the film version.
  • The name Scaramanga came from a Greek man Fleming knew named Pandia Scaramanga whom he met on the island of Hydra and in whose island house he stayed in. Fleming actually asked permission to use the name, letting him know that he would be a villain. Mr. Scaramanga, being a superstitious man, replied: "I certainly do not mind your using my name but please do not to kill me."
  • The scene where Scaramanga and 007 stand back-to-back, with their guns drawn, is a reference to the John Wayne western The Comancheros (1961). The only difference was that Nick Nack counts to 20, instead of 10.
  • When Bond finds Andrea Anders in the shower, the reflection of a crew member can be seen in the mirror's reflection.

79 Years of Integrity, Quality and Innovation

Colibri takes the lighter to the next level in great design and variety, without compromising fine, functional craftsmanship. In 1928, Colibri introduced the world’s first automatic lighter. It was an immediate success and the first of a host of innovative products that would secure Colibri’s position as the leader in lighter technology. Eighty years on, Colibri continues to lead the way with beam sensor, cigar, sport and multi-function lighters, along with a wide selection of impeccably styled and detailed smoking accessories.

The Golden Gun from the film
“The Man With The Golden Gun”.

In 1974, the famous ‘Golden Gun’ in the James Bond classic The Man With The Golden Gun starring Roger Moore was made by Colibri.

In Fleming’s novel, the golden gun is a gold-plated .45 calibre revolver; however, for the film, it was a single-shot weapon that fires a custom made 4.2-millimeter golden bullet. The instant kill technology relies on the bullet shattering akin to a fragmentation grenade. Scaramanga uses such a weapon to emphasize his peerless skill as a pistol marksman and the fact that he only ever needs one bullet to kill a target. The gun also separates into a gold cigarette lighter, a gold cigarette case, a gold cuff link, and a gold pen so as to avoid detection.

Every Colibri product is individually inspected to ensure it conforms to a rigid quality control standard and each product is back by a worldwide one-year repair service warranty.



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