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 Pierce Brosnan and Izabella Scorupco from Goldeneye with bikini  Izabella Scorupco  Bikini Natalya Simonova GoldenEye (1995)   The James Bond Museum Sweden etype_bond.jpg (376999 bytes) GoldenEye countdown number   One of the actual components of the countdown number used on the set at Leavesden for the  1995 Pierce Brosnan James Bond film GoldenEye.  (COA supplied)

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President Mr Gunnar Schäfer in front of BMW Z3 Goldeneye 1995

Boys With Toys Natalya Simonova......................... IZABELLA SCORUPCO

Boys With Toys Izabella Scorupco 

Q introduces the new BMW z3 Roadster see trailerBefore commencing his recent mission to stop the Double-0 agent turned traitor, Alec Trevelyan, from using the Goldeneye Weapons System, James Bond made his by now traditional stop at the laboratory run by Major Boothroyd - "Q". The ill-tempered gadget master has over the years equipped Bond with a wide variety of distinguished, state of the art, automobiles, for Goldeneye it was to be no different. Months before it's release to the general public BMW had provided EON productions with an example of the new roadster that they were readying for production, this exclusivity alone guaranteed that the roadster would generate interest wherever it was driven. The 1996 BMW z3 Roadster was handed over to Bond by Q, however as one would expect Q had modified the roadster to meet his own high standards:

One of the options not available to the general publicThe sleek lined convertible would primarily be a pleasure tool for Bond during this mission, with the elegant lines and handsome body styling fitting Bond's style perfectly. Unfortunately the Roadster saw very little action during the film. It was used in the Carribean to deliver Bond and Natalya to a small plane which would be their transport into Cuba to destroy Trevalyan's Secret Headquarters. Bond is seen to releuctantly hand over the keys to his CIA contact - Jack Wade - who made a rather insincere promise not to have too much fun with it. After a reminder not to touch any buttons, the roadster exits it's brief Bond film tenure.
As previously mentioned the roadster featured in the film months before it's official release to the general public, the model used was a 1.9 litre Roadster finished in Atlanta Blue with a Beige Interior, the original now resides in the exhibition area of The 007 Museum in Nybro Sweden..

BMW z3 Roadster 1.9 Litre on set during the filming of Goldeneye Brosnan on set with the 1996 BMW z3 Roadster
BMW z3 Roadster 1.9 Litre on set during the filming of Goldeneye. Brosnan on set with the 1996 BMW z3 Roadster.

A limited run of "Bond Edition" models was produced which sold out within hours of the release, with each carrying a numbered plaque testifying to their authenticity, these examples are now sought after collectibles in their own right.

This was the first occasion when BMW and EON partnered with regard to the vehicles issued to or used by Bond in the films; in Tomorrow Never Dies, Bond was seen to drive a BMW 750il, and whilst in Vietnam, he appropriated a BMW R1200 Cruiser Motorcycle. In The World Is Not Enough, the chosen vehicle was the z8 Roadster, again seen on screen prior to it's release to the general public, like the z3 Roadster almost 4 years before, the z8 was a closely guarded secret whilst on set.

Plane and BMW Z3 in Goldeneye

Z3 Screensavers Z3 Magic.

For Windows PC:Z3 Magic. Inspired by the original appearance of the Z3 in the James Bond movie Golden Eye.


United Artists

Release Date: November 17

Times have changed. The Iron Curtain has fallen, giving way to a new world order, and the power plays of political agendas have been replaced by ruthless plots for profit. The war has changed...but the warriors remain the same.

Ian Fleming's James Bond is back! Pierce Brosnan takes on the role of legendary Agent 007, as the most successful film franchise in history once again explodes onto the big screen.

An Albert R. Broccoli presentation, GOLDENEYE is directed by Martin Campbell and produced by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli from a screenplay by Michael France and Jeffrey Caine. The executive producer is Tom Pevsner.

GOLDENEYE is set firmly in the present day, with swiftly changing political patterns turning old opponents into new best friends...and old allies into deadly enemies.

No James Bond adventure would be complete without its leading ladies and GOLDENEYE features two very talented and beautiful actresses. Famke Janssen and Izabella Scorupco star as the stunning Bond women of the '90s, who prove a formidable match for the super secret agent.

The outstanding cast also includes English film stars: Sean Bean as Alec Trevelyan, once Bond's colleague and friend; Robbie Coltrane as Valentin, a former KGB controller turned ruthless arms dealer; and Alan Cumming as Boris, a Russian computer wizard. Jon Don Baker also stars as 007's cynical American CIA contact Jack Wade. Bond's irreplacable colleagues on Her Majesty's Secret Service will also be along, beginning with Desmond Llewelyn, who once again reprises his role as the ingenious, albeit long-suffering Q. The aptly named Shakespearean stage actress Samantha Bond appears as the beloved Miss Moneypenny, and distinguished stage and screen actress Dame Judi Dench becomes the first woman to portray Bond's superior, known only as M.

The Main Cast

James Bond............................... PIERCE BROSNAN
Xenia Onatopp............................ FAMKE JANSSEN 
Natalya Simonova......................... IZABELLA SCORUPCO
M........................................ JUDI DENCH
Q........................................ DESMOND LLEWELYN 
Moneypenny............................... SAMANTHA BOND
Jack Wade................................ JOE DON BAKER
Alec Trevelyan........................... SEAN BEAN 
Valentin................................. ROBBIE COLTRANE
Boris Grishenko.......................... ALAN CUMMING


  • First appearance of Pierce Brosnan as James Bond
  • First appearance of Judi Dench as M
  • First appearance of Samantha Bond as Ms. Moneypenny
  • First time the villain is a former Double-O agent
  • First time Bond drives a tank
  • First appearance of Jack Wade (Joe Don Baker of The Living Daylights)
  • First time Bond goes to Russia and there is no Cold War
  • First time Bond was explicitly stated as working for MI6 and not Universal Exports
  • First time that a film was named after one of Fleming's homes.
  • First 007 film in which Q Branch uses a German car instead of a British manufactured vehicle (BMW)
  • GoldenEye is the first Bond movie that was filmed in the former Soviet Union.
  • First appearance of computer hackers in a Bond film
  • First time e-mail is used
  • First mention of the Internet
  • First appearance of the Russian Mafia
  • First mention of a cable television network (CNN)
  • First reference to the Persian Gulf War
  • First time a former deceased villain comes back to play an ally (Joe Don Baker of TLD)
  • First time 007 serves under a female commander (M)
  • First time that MI6 is headed by a woman
  • First appearance of a woman as a high-ranking official
  • First Bond filmed at Leavesdon studios Hertfordshire.
  • First mention of Bond's family history (that his parents died in a climbing accident)
  • First time Bond has a printer in his car
  • First record breaking bungee jump in a Bond Movie

GoldenEye (1995)

Pen Grenade
Piton Gun
Omega Watch
Digital Camera
Magnetic Mines
Rappelling Belt
Key-Code Cracker
Walther PPK
Aston Martin DB5
BMW Z3 Roadster
Ferrari 335
Tank 343
ICBM Train
Jack Wade`s Car
Manticore Motor Yacht
Warship La Fayette
Tiger Helicopter
MIG 29 Fighters
Release Data
Premiere: 13th November 1995, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles.
UK: 24h November 1995 (12)
USA: 17th November 1995 (12)
Worldwide Box Office: $350.7m

James Bond must unmask the mysterious head of the Janus Syndicate and prevent his one time ally - Alec Trevelyan Agent 006 - from utilising the GoldenEye weapons system to inflict devastating revenge on Britain.


James Bond Pierce Brosnan
Natalya Simonova Izabella Scorupco
Alec Trevelyan Sean Bean
Xenia Onatopp Famke Janssen
General Ourumov Gottfried John
Jack Wade Joe Don Baker
Valentin Zukovksy Robbie Coltrane
Boris Grishenko Alan Cumming
Dimitri Mishkin Tcheky Karyo
M Dame Judi Dench
Miss Moneypenny Samantha Bond
Chief of Staff Bill Tanner Michael Kitchen
Q Desmond Llewelyn
Best Line
Bond: "It's what keeps me alive."
Natalya: "No, it's what keeps you alone."

Best Mistake
The colour of Bond's bungee rope in the opening sequence changes colour.

Distinguishing feature
The first film of the Brosnan era and the amazing tank chase in St. Petersburg.

Arkangel Chemical Weapons Facility, USSR; Southern France; Severnaya, Russia; London, UK; St Petersburg, Russia; Caribbean island; Cuba.

Vital Statistics
Conquests: 2, Martinis: 1, Kills: 12, "Bond, James Bond": 1


Movie Stills


PIERCE BROSNAN stars as Agent 007

PIERCE BROSNAN stars as Agent 007

(78k) IZABELLA SCORUPCO is Natalya Simonova, a Russian systems programmer and Agent 007's courageous beautiful ally

FAMKE JANSSEN is Xenia Onatopp, a mysterious and dangerously seductive past-Soviet assasin

Bond (PIERCE BROSNAN) and Natalya (IZABELLA SCORUPCO) confront the enemy

James Bond (PIERCE BROSNAN) meets Xenia Onatopp (FAMKE JANNSEN) in a Monte Carlo casino

James Bond (PIERCE BROSNAN) and Natalya Simonova (IZABELLA SCORUPCO) leap to safety

Bond (PIERCE BROSNAN) has a dangerous encounter with Xenia (FAMKE JANNSEN) in a Caribbean jungle

Q (DESMOND LLEWELYN, left) demonstrates the rocket cast to Bond (PIERCE BROSNAN, right) at MI6 Headquarters

Bond (PIERCE BROSNAN, left) makes contact with his CIA counterpart Jack Wade (JOE DON BAKER, right)

Agent 007 (PIERCE BROSNAN, right) and his colleague Agent 006 (SEAN BEAN, left) on a dangerous assignment)

Natalya (IZABELLA SCORUPCO) finally succumbs to Bond's (PIERCE BROSNAN) undeniable charms

Goldeneye, Jamaica

Goldeneye Resort in Jamaica is a 15-acre hideaway on a bluff between the sea and a lagoon. It offers you a choice of three experiences—Ian Fleming’s original house surrounded by luxuriant gardens, forest-shaded villas overlooking the sea, or the entire property—all 15 acres, the Fleming house and the villas—for a special occasion or event. It’s the perfect choice for guests who value luxury, seclusion, romance and adventure.
It’s a very sexy place to be. The villas feature outdoor garden baths and showers. The flowers are always moist. The private beach invites indulgence. But Goldeneye is also historic. Fleming crafted all his James Bond novels here. Goldeneye is the perfect choice for a romantic getaway or a personal retreat.
It’s also an innovative choice for one-of-a-kind events like weddings, reunions or executive retreats.



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