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Dominic Cooper plays Ian Fleming in this brand new drama, coming to Sky Atlantic HD in 2014.
Lara Pulver, Dominic Cooper and Annabelle Wallis talk about the love triangle at the heart of the show. Ian Fleming 

Fleming - Coming Soon to Sky Atlantic
Dominic Cooper plays Ian Fleming in this brand new drama, coming to Sky Atlantic HD in 2014.

A trailer for the four part biopic based on the life of Ian Fleming is now available to view on YouTube, days before it airs in the UK. The series, simply called Fleming, debuts in the US on BBC America tonight before being seen on the UK’s Sky Atlantic on 12th February.

The series has been sold to numerous overseas territories, although is not currently scheduled to be shown in Spain, and stars Dominic Cooper as Ian Fleming and Lara Pulver as his wife Ann.

  It’s one of the consequences of becoming a hot, in demand director. With Warcraft becoming a reality, Duncan Jones has dropped out of a biopic of Ian Fleming, the man who created James Bond, according to The Wrap.

The trade reports Jones had been keen to direct the biopic titled Fleming, but Warcraft, the big budget adaptation of the long-running role playing video game franchise, will likely take up his time for up to two years, and Fleming’s filmmakers were not willing to wait that long to get it going. The hunt is now on for a new director.

Fleming didn’t just create a super smooth international spy, he was one in real life. The now director-less film is based on Andrew Lycett’s biography Ian Fleming: The Man Behind James Bond, which chronicles Fleming’s decorated career as a British naval intelligence officer with top secret clearance as well as his fifteen-year long affair with a friend’s wife.

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Ian Fleming 106 Year 28 maj 2014 sida 2   The Books  



Dominic Cooper discusses Fleming, new to Sky Atlantic HD

The Man Behind Bond

Was Fleming the real 007? The cast discuss his life and the drama behind the world's most famous spy.  
Dominic Cooper plays Ian Fleming in this brand new drama, coming to Sky Atlantic HD in 2014.




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