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James Bond 007 Museum Nybro Sweden
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No Time To Die James Bond 25  8th april 2020

Roliga och udda museer i Sverige | Allas.se Träffa James Bond


Sett för mycket glas? Här är en ikon som mest brukar krossa den varan - James Bond Museum

Västmanlands Taltidning: Kläder, bilar, båtar och många andra saker från ”James Bond” filmer finns samlade i småländska Nybro.
FACIT: Hitta 10 James Bond-filmer



Newspaper in Tehran Iran about Swedish James Bond in Nybro Sweden Gunnar James Bond Schäfer.
The man behind James Bondmuséet 007 in Nybro becomes documentary film Gunnar Schäfer, 61, is a genuine entrepreneur in Nybro, who started the world's only James Bond Museum 007 in Nybro Sweden 2002. Recently he published an autobiography that depicts the entire history of his own life and about the world-class museum with authentic Bond collections in Nybro . The man behind the most magic museum in Madesjö on the outskirts of Nybro is actually Gunnar Bond James Schäfer. This name is approved by the Swedish Tax Agency. Next year, a newly filmed documentary about Nybros own James Bond will be featured on film shows worldwide. -1959 my father disappeared when I was only two years old and this event has affected my entire life. It's about a constant search for the father's speech and to get answers to many questions, says Gunnar Schäfer. Basically, this is an identification with James Bond Gestalten, created by British author Ian Fleming, who had a similar life-like life as Gunnar Schäfer himself. Nybros James Bond is embraced by the same desire as the Roman hero, that is, to save the world. At the James Bond museum in Nybro there are all the genuine Bond Attributes like airplanes, cars and brothers gathered under the same roof. This is an eldorado for Bond Enthusiasts from all over the world and now becomes a natural scene for corporate visits and events. -1965 I saw the first Bondfilm Goldfinger at a cinema here in Nybro and since then I've collected James Bond Gadgets from all over the world. Top of the ranking among Bond films, Gunnar puts Goldeneye from 1995. Twenty years later, 1985, Gunnar had one year left for the student at 4-year mechanical engineering at Lars Kaggskolan in Kalmar. Besides his technical talent, Gunnar was a great talent as a tennis coach for young people. The choice was not easy. But what became the tip of the wave for my decision was that I worked for the summer at Göran Ohlsson at the company Bildelar in Kalmar. Now he would buy a company in Nybro called Nybro Auto Parts and owned by Brothers Alr
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